Mission & Value


To assist strategic decision making of market entry and business development on a flexible and direct way

Value Associates Proposition

Our Value to deliver is agile effecive assistance for valid decision making. We concretely define our value to customer as not unnecessary large project which major consulting firm tend to propose but direct, flexible assistance in strategic decision making in terms of market entry and new business development in consistent with type of issues and requirements at clients.

value associates possition


 Each of business has different business issue due to its industry, its growth stage and its positioning. Against these issues, major current consulting firms tend to propose relatively large and long-term project as much as possible because they have fixed overhead cost of consultant. Additionally against overseas consulting and research project, they tend to further charge higher because of not enough appropriate resources.
 Leveraging highly qualified consultant staffs, we, Value Associates Inc define our corporate purpose for assistance in customers’ strategic decision-making and process of creating solutions by providing flexible project structure with appropriate costs.