2011.02.05 [Column] A academic paper, "Participative Management" is posted on no.7 of Transcultural Management Review



2010.04.25 [Column] Is "Freemium" marketing tactic or business model ?

2010.04.08 [Column] Future oriented behavior: Importance of the prepared mind

2010.04.05 [Column] Future oriented behavior: Future is not given but created

2010.04.01 [Column] Art and science of motivation



2009.01.13 [Column] "Globalization is happening (no.2)" Update

2009.01.04 [Column] "Globalization is happening (no.1)" Update


2008.12.31 [Column] "Is there Google strategy? " Update

2008.12.19 [Column] Posted 2nd articles  of "Global human resource strategy" at "ITmedia" in Japanese 

2008.11.20 [Column] Started ten serial articles of "Global human resource strategy" at "ITmedia" in Japanese 

2008.11.17 [Column] "Cause of financial crisis" Update

2008.10.30 Posted comment on Mrweb about Japanese market

2008.09.30 [Column] "Components of leadership " Update

2008.09.22 [Column] "Google management as Japanese management " Update

2008.09.07 [Column] "The concept of globalization" Update

2008.08.25 [Column] "Is global market being concentrated or fragmented?" Update

2008.08.22 [Column] "What will Japanese management be?" Update

2008.08.14 [Column] "Intercultural communication: Trust or Intimacy first?" Update

2008.07.29 [Column] ”Is really Japanese mobile market saturated?" Update

2008.07.20 [Column] ”Segmentation and stage of rich class" Update

2008.07.02 [Column] ”Where is high net worth segment in a global scope?" Update

2008.07.02 "Alternative BLOG"started (in Japanese)

2008.06.16 "Marketing strategy & Leadership Service" page Update

2008.06.09 "Glossary" page Update

2008.05.16 [Column] ”Market definition matters -Back to the basics!” Update (in Japanese)

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