【Column】"Future oriented behavior: Future is not given but created"


Because of usability of strategic planning, planner may set the future market and industry static and given. But is it really true that the future industry and or market are given? The management guru, Dr. Peter Drucker obliviously proclaimed "The best way to predict the future is to create it". It turns out to be the way of foreseeing the future to positive subjective perspectives from passive perspectives. 

As he stated, the future is apparently not given at all. Although lots of variable may affect, distort, or challenge original objectives and plan, the future is still on own individual hand, so is at hands of enterprise. The future is a preferable state foreseen by own and others perspectives. 

The greatest example of creating own future is the Apple of iPhone. iPhone created new software and service market in order for the third parties to develop own applications and sell those. The original scenario regarding iPhone was surely not a passive scenario that it waits on developers coming but positively create platform so that developer attend and sell through iPhone platform. 

As for software developer, Apple provided to distribute "Software Development Kit" through "App Store", makes software engineer all over the world develop and sell on own new own software sucha as game through iPhone. This initiative rather creates own future, for example in game industry, which now start to compete game manufactures such as Nintendo DS. 

Because of its market positioning as follower, some company may foresee the given future though, the reality is that winner takes all of profit and market as Apple does. We all should create ideal future from positive perspective rather than it given by someone. .