【Column】"Components of leadership"


It is no doubt that leadership is one of important factors in the business world. Its importance comes to not only profit organization but also non-profit organization including government, hospitals and public institution. Although definition of leader tends to vary according to different organizational context, a great leader is continuously sought by any organization.

By dividing a process of building leadership dynamically, I position three basic components; to build vision & strategy, diffuse these into organization, and influence individual to accept and commit themselves to achievement.

Components of leadership


In a nutshell leadership is a combination of behavioral skills and some of given individual capability to lead people.

Given the term of "lead", leaders must mean function and people of "lead"ing people to audacious vision by spreading vision from end to end in organization, and then motivating individual.

Something substantial question to leadership is whether anybody can acquire leadership by learning. I say the answer can be yes and no, as most of professional and academics insist.

Some part of leadership can be learned through training, the other part of it cannot be. I would say leadership is a set of skills and also calling. I believe that a part of calling is empathetic capability to other stakeholder instead of being sympathetic. Leadership guru may be able to train how to care about colleague and how important to actively listen to others for their holding self-esteem, however, they are not able to teach how to be empathetic to the client and colleague, because this empathetic capability has been nurtured as a part of his or her DNA.

Let's see respective process. In terms of process 1, to build vision and strategy can be learned and created with subordinates and outsourcers. Off course leader had better own vision and strategy development skills although, he can also collaborate and ask help of others. In terms of process 2 &3, to diffuse vision and strategy into organization and motivate individual can be and not be learned, because these communication skills solely depends on individual capability of leader candidate.

Simply it is hard for instructor to teach how to empathize with clients instead of sympathize. Can you tell how to be intuitive into people? These questions totally proved that leadership can be learned to some extent and cannot be learned to the other extent. It is human, very human oriented skill, and this is why it is worthwhile elaborating.