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The act of getting people to accomplish organizational goals and objectives through planning, organizing, resourcing, directing, and controlling the work of others. Also it is the team of people in an organization who occupy positions of authority. 

Normally the term of management is used with adjective like strategic management, financial management, executive management 

Business Domain

Scope where a business activity of corporation is. It can also represent view of the world of an corporation by defending business domain from unique perspective. Narrow domain definition by product may lack flexibility, and wide domain definition by customer benefit may lead to meaningless direction. From product and service perspective, customer perspective, and customer benefit perspective, right domain should be sized where strengths and capabilities of an corporation can be leveraged.  Question of "What business are we in?" ask Domain Selection. 

For example of domain mis selection, in the 1960's in US, the railroads industry declined because they assumed themselves to be in the railroad business instead of the transportation business. The key question that all managers must be able to answer, he advised, is “What business are you in?” (Marketing myopia, Theodore (Ted) Levitt)


The plan of action to designed to achieve organizational goals and objectives. It sometimes includes setting goals and objectives as part of strategy due to industry and business size. It does not exist common definitive definition.

The term is normally used not single but with adjective so that it clarifies level of strategy like Corporate strategy on a corporate level, Business strategy on Business Unit Level, and functional strategy on fictional level. As functional strategy, it is often used like design strategy, Web strategy, and so on. In summary, the term should clarify what level strategy stay.

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